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Caring for, improving and maintaining The Meadows is a never-ending task.  Much of the work is carried out by our Volunteers, who beaver away throughout the year.  We are so grateful to them for their hard work on behalf of all of us.

The Volunteers cannot deal with everything, and we need to pay for things such as specialist work on trees, the hire of agricultural equipment, hay harvesting etc. We need diesel for the tractor, and have to maintain our equipment.  We need to pay for insurance and other necessary overhead costs.

Every year we need to raise at least £18,000 to pay for these essentials.  You can help us by making a donation.  Every penny you donate will be spent on The Meadows.

We can accept donations:

Registered Office Address Cardwell Pavilion, Greenway Court Road
Hollingbourne, Maidstone
Kent, ME17 1QQ

Telephone Number 07968 123 165

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The Hollingbourne Meadows Trust Ltd Registered in England and Wales Company Number 05282409

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