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Balloons take off from our first Meadow - September 2009Party in the Meadows - 2011Installing a bench in the Meadows in 2012

Flower Meadow in bloom - June 2013Tree planting

Visitors (Insects) to the Flower Meadow - June 2013Visitors (Human) to the Flower Meadow - July 2012Hedge Planting

Hollingbourne FeteCultivating the MeadowRepairing the Godfey Meadow fence

Tree Year (Double)Flowers in Bloom for the Month

Installing a new gateCreating a new crossingMeadows Explorer Trail

Kent PCC Sponsored Topper Label Picnic in the Meadows - 2019

Registered Office Address Cardwell Pavilion, Greenway Court Road
Hollingbourne, Maidstone
Kent, ME17 1QQ

Telephone Number 07968 123 165

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The Hollingbourne Meadows Trust Ltd Registered in England and Wales Company Number 05282409

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