Avenue of Remembrance 

The Hollingbourne Meadows Trust is spear heading an ambitious project for 2018 code named Project 100

Avenue of Remembrance

Artist impression by local artist Antonia Enthoven

HMTL are working in partnership with the Leeds Hollingbourne and District Branch of the Royal British Legion, to plant an “Avenue of Remembrance”, with 100 trees to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.

 We are looking to raise more than £250,000 in donations from both public and commercial entities.

After the initial cost of the project is covered, all surplus funds will be evenly divided between the two charities. The ultimate goal is to raise at least £100,000, (representing £1000 per year), for the LH&DB of the RBL. They will in turn discharge these funds into the appropriate approved Royal British Legion charities funds and causes.

The trees will be planted in 4 lines of 25, with a “Circle of Peace” in the middle of the Avenue.

The Hawthorn tree was chosen from a long list of trees native to the Kent country side as it best embodies and personifies the soldier and comrades that so valiantly marched into battle to defend our liberties.Project 100 Map

HMTL Ranger, Benedict Williams, took inspiration from the tree’s symbolisation: “The red berries for the blood, the white flowers for the peace, gnarled trunks look similar to the stumps left after the shelling. They start as saplings and then grow and come together, it is like the naive young men from across the country who came together, as they grew in stature, confidence and camaraderie to prevail”.

In the event that sufficient funds are not generated for the project as described, we will scale down our commemorative memorial to a cost not exceeding funds raised.

Project 100 is looking for everyone who feels that they want to be a part of this project to make a small (or larger) donation towards it. As we are looking to crowd fund this Project, if we can get at least £2 from every person whose social media platform this comes across, then we will successfully be able to achieve all our goals and build this beautiful Avenue of Remembrance for all too freely enjoy.

We are also looking for businesses, commercial entities and companies to get behind the project and support it in any way that they can. We have a larger commercial sponsorship/donation acknowledgement package available for those companies who would like to be part of this endeavour. Please get in touch directly with HMTL for more details.

Thank you for giving generously and please follow and share our social media updates and to view the project progress.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with the project, so if you feel you can help in anyway, please get in touch, all help greatly appreciated.

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If your donation is in the form of a cheque (Payable to "The Hollingbourne Meadows Trust Ltd") these can be posted to: Cardwell Pavilion, Greenway Court Road, Hollingbourne, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1QQ. Please mark your donation for Project 100. When donating, please consider using Gift AidFor every £1 you donate, the taxman gives us 25p (at no cost to you).

 The Brave Young Hawthorn

The Hour is here, as the deathly days break into dawn.
Oh Hawthorn come, Oh come brave young Hawthorn.
The need is great, the alarm is loud, and the cry goes up, the trumpet calls,
Come face our fears and all that may befalls.

Dirty mounds of mud next to deep dark holes,
Look to the left and right, do not count the souls.
Be courageous, be strong, stand tall young tree, stand tall and be brave.
The rain lashes your cold skin, wave after wave.

In long lines of beautiful uniform
You stand alone at first and face the storm.
Yet as time matures your body and mind,
So do your young branches begin to with each others entwined.

Put forth your blood red berries and tell the world
Put forth your peace white blossom and let them unfurled
Of all the life that soaked into this cold earth
Let us look back and know the peace for which you fought and paid its worth.

Your gnarly woody trunks blaster by war
Forgive us for all that your saw
Your hardy courage rooted firmly in your hole.
May God bless and keep eternal your soul.

Reach out your branches and link in with your brother arms
Now grow in peace brave hawthorn, as silent fall the alarms
Hold each other, stand as one, unified in camaraderie
Let us stand before you now and repose in your harmony.

Thank you brave Hawthorn, yea did harken the call
Thank you young Hawthorn for even in death you stood tall
Thank you strong Hawthorn yea did hold the line
Thank you mighty Hawthorn for this country today that is mine.

Let us stand today and blow the trumpet, let us blow the horn.
Let us look back and remember the Brave Young Hawthorn.

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